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Apply to be a Israel Agent. Kindly complete the Application below.

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Jerusalem Tours pays commissions to Accredited Travel Agents who joins our program or refer clients to our line of products.We will help the client through the quotation and booking procedures. 


Small Group Travel (10 -15), Church Leaders and Group Leaders are welcome to apply.


We also give commissions and small group net fares to agencies, approved tour operators and Travel agencies that wish to promote our Christian Tour products.


Jerusalem Tours will also pay commission to an independent or home-based agent, no matter what company they are affiliated with, as long as their name is on the company IATA list or they are a TRUE member. Agents that joined the TSMSA program must provide us wit their TW number to enable us to register them on our program.


In order to receive commissions from Jerusalem Tours your agency must be a valid travel agency that is not involved in rebating in any form. 


We highly appreciate Church Leaders of all congregations participation in the program and also have a special enrolment whereby they could benifit from our programs. Educational Tours are available and you are welcome to contact our office or apply online.

We design quality material, tour programs and websites for all our Affiliated Agents.


DURING HOLIDAYS CONTACT US ON: 081 482 2856 / 076 132 0894



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