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Can you imagine a journey where you could sit on the lakeshore where our Messiah the annointed one taught, stand where Paul made his defense before King Agrippa, and walk among the ruins of cities fortified by the rulers of ancient Israel. You could sling a stone where David slew Goliath, and follow the path of hosanna-singing multitudes down the Mount of Olives


A journey that will bring every Bible story to life...

A journey that will guide you in the footsteps of Our Messiah

A journey that is a must for every believer!


Assuredly, there’s no better way to experience Israel than with Israelis by your side. We would love each traveler to experience the very footsteps of our Messiah, together learn more about the Hebrew Roots of Faith.


Jerusalem Tours especially designed packages to help you discover the Hebrew Roots of Faith. Find your roots in the Bible

The a deeply rooted desire in human nature and calling to experience a sacred journey to The Promised Land is awaiting you.


Shalom Jerusalem Tours are Tour Operators dealing directly with Israel and not through the channels of any Agents within South Africa and have been in Tourism since 1999. Shalom Jerusalem Tours are lead by our own experienced group leaders with a great passion for God and Israel. Shalom Jerusalem Tours are based on the truth, the way and are directed to spiritual enhancement. Leaded tours are in various languages to accommodate travellers from all over the world. Agents are welcome to Affiliate and subscribe under Shalom Jerusalem Tours. We have special agreements with several Affiliated Travel Agencies and Independent Agents working hand in hand with Shalom Jerusalem Tours, whom offer Tours to Israel.

Shalom Jerusalem Tours pride ourselves by offering great opportunities of travelling on monthly Group Travel and Individual options. Every Tour are specially designed to accommodate various Ministries requirements. We invite individuals to encourage their Ministries to join our programs which offer great benefits to group travel.

Believers from various religions have travelled to The Holy Land , experienced the Biblical Places and retuned with a better understanding of the roots of faith. Every person returns with a zeal for God and a renewed revived spirit.


Payment Options:

Our Tours are planned in advance and therefore offer participants the opportunity to better monthly payment options.

Please note that by offering a 1 Free ticket on every 7 passenger travelling on the same dates in the same group increases the costs of any tour. These options are available but not recommendable.


A  deposit payment of R3500 is required to secure the seat and thereafter monthly advance payments are an option to make your dream come true. Final payments due 75 days before departure. All terms and conditions apply. Always ensure you travel with legal and registered Agents.

DURING HOLIDAYS CONTACT US ON: 081 482 2856 / 076 132 0894



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